With your wrench you can build new buildings or repair existing ones. It also replaces the hammer in the game, so it can also be used to attack enemy players or buildings. Available buildings unlock your team through the tech level, which can be increased by killing enemy players.

The following buildings are available for construction:


This most important building is needed to raise other buildings and to supply your base & repeaters with energy. There can only be one reactor at the same time.

Spawn Point

It allows your team to spawn there. If there are no spawns and no players left your team will lose. So take care of them!

Shotgun Ammo Dispenser

It supplies your team with shotguns and ammunition.

Health Station

It replenishes your health in case of medical emergencies.


This mini reactor enables you to put up buildings at any other spot on the map. To supply your buildings with energy it needs an operating reactor.

Gun Turret

This gun shoots automatically at enemies. It has a high range and fire rate, but causes low damage. Be careful: it might hurt your teammates as well!

Shield Generator

It protects friendly players and buildings from hostile projectiles by tossing them back to their senders. Attention: Lasers can shoot through it.

Ammo Dispenser Grenade

It supplies your team with grenade launchers and ammunition.


It provides faster-than-light travelling between two of them. Only two of them can be build.

Armor Station

It supplies you with a protective armor against all kinds of weapons.

Ammo Dispenser Laser

It supplies your team with laser weapons and ammunition. Do not forget: laser beams will not be blocked by shields!

Turret Shotgun

This shotgun shoots automatically at enemies It causes high damage, but has a low range of fire. Be careful: it might hurt your teammates as well!